Replica VS Genuine Watches

It seems for every high quality design, there is a cheaper replica out there as well. This is especially true of watches which have their fair share of genuine, high quality brands along with the lower quality, cheaper replicas.

However, a genuine watch may not be what you need. There are advantages to choosing a replica watch depending on your needs. But what are the differences between genuine and replica watches?

Differences Between Replica and Genuine Watches

The purpose of a replica watch is to mimic the appearance of their genuine counterpart while being cheaper in terms of price. The result is that replica watches tend to be made from lesser quality parts and materials. But how can you tell the difference between them?

Overall Design & Finish: This may seem like an obvious difference, but you might be surprised at how some replica watches can pass for their superior counterparts. At first glance, you may not be able to tell any difference which is the purpose of a replica watch. But upon closer inspection you should see that genuine, high quality watches have the following attributes:

  • Perfect Text & Font with Equal Spacing with the Letters
  • Flawless, High Quality Finish
  • No Flaking or Peeling Materials
  • Solid Clasps, Good Fit, & Signed
  • No Ticking Noise on Mechanical Watches

  • Where replica watches fall short is in the fine details. If you see flaws, then it is almost certainly a replica.
    Weight: This may be surprising to some, but replica watches tend to be considerably lighter compared to genuine versions. Because genuine watches are made from high quality materials, including gold, silver, and platinum which are also heavier than their cheaper, non-precious metal counterparts.
    Cost: While some older, not-in-demand genuine watches might be purchased at a lower price, it is the rock-bottom cost of replicas which often sets them apart.

    Which Type of Watch to Choose?

    Just because replica watches have their flaws does not mean they shouldn’t be considered. There are some advantages to having a replica watch.

    Price: The most obvious advantage is the cost of a replica watch, which is often just a fraction compared to its genuine counterpart. If you are looking for a nice-looking watch that will pass a first glance, then a replica may be for you. And while it may not last very long, you could probably pay for several replicas before getting close to the cost of a genuine, high-quality watch.
    Situation: There are times in which you do not want to be wearing a high quality watch. For example, if the work you do puts you in a situation where the watch might be damaged, then losing a replica is not going to hurt your pocketbook as much.

    Plus, if you live or travel through a high-crime area or are traveling over long distances that makes it nigh-impossible to recover a lost watch, then having a replica is most desirable.

    Bottom line, you should choose a replica if the chances of losing it or having it damaged is increased. Genuine watches should be reserved for work or appearances that require you to look your absolute best.