Most Wanted Toys for Your Kid

Trends in toys come and go, so it is important to know the most wanted toys for your kid, especially when holidays or their birthday is around the corner. What is hot today may be gone tomorrow, but knowing what they are sooner will mean they will still be on the shelf for purchasing. What follows are the five hottest toys for this year.

What is old is forever new, at least it seems with Barbie. With the recent film, Barbie is hotter than ever. Especially the Barbie the Movie doll which has Barbie in the familiar pink Gingham dress as worn by Margo Robbie in the film. If your child already has a Barbie, there is always Ken. In any event, a Barbie doll itself or one of the many accessories will make the perfect gift for children who love Barbie.


Hot Wheels
Retro trends seem to be hot again for boys, especially those that love the thrill of having a fast car. The Hot Wheels 1/43 series offers several famous cars that help fire the imagination of your child. The Ferrari 458 Italia Speciale Elite Edition is just one. A highly detailed vehicle, this genuine Hot Wheels car is a beautiful reproduction made from diecast metal. It’s durable and provides many hours of imaginative play.

Hot Wheels

Few board games have stood the test of time like Monopoly. It’s simple game mechanics combined with family interaction make it a must-have for your children. More than just a board game, it helps you engage with your child in a healthy, fun activity that’s perfect for an evening.
Plus, you can purchase one of many different versions of Monopoly, which includes popular programs such as The Simpsons, The Mandalorian, and many more.

Lego Classic
For nearly a century, Lego has been a favorite for children and adults who enjoy building all sorts of different structures and shapes. The basic Lego building brick has not changed, so this set known as Around the World offers many hours of joy as children build, take apart, and build again to their heart’s content.
The secret to the success of Lego is in the durability of the blocks themselves. They can be used repeatedly to foster a child’s imagination as they create what they want from the pieces provided.

Nerf Mega Roblox MM2 Shark Seeker
It seems that Nerf blasters are still all the rage years after they were first released. This Nerf blaster contains an in-game digital code, a shark fin for a sight to aim the blaster and is crafted from highly durable plastic.


You can purchase one so your child can play against the kids in the neighborhood. Or you can purchase more so the other kids in your household can engage in hours of fun.

A little research can go a long way towards purchasing the most wanted toys for your kid. Of course, you should tailor the purchase for your child, so see what he or she wants first and then make the purchase early to beat the rush, especially for the holidays.