Latest Sneaker Trends and Brands

The more things change, the more they change. That is what you can say about the latest sneaker trends and brands. What is in style this year may become even more popular next year or they might fade away quickly. What can be said is that many sneaker trends are long-lasting with some appearing and disappearing over the decades.

What follows are the latest trends in sneakers, followed by the brands you should check out if you want to take advantage of the trends. Plus, the brands mentioned are well-established and known for their high-quality materials, durability, and presentation.

Latest Sneaker Trends

If you have heard of the phrase “what is old is new again”, then you might guess as to the hottest trends in sneakers are today.

Minimalist: While it may seem that sneakers are getting brighter and bolder, there is a new take on the shoes which is minimalist in its approach. Simple designs, solid color schemes, and robust stitching are becoming more popular. Perhaps as a backlash to the brighter, sportier sneakers that are also a big trend today.
The new minimalist designs often use white or cream colors that help highlight the straightforward designs. Although it is true that some designs use bold colors to stand out, but they are more associated with the sport designs which are now popular.

Retro: The retro look is back. Perhaps one of the most prominent is the Adidas Samba series which includes pony hair and contrast stitching. That type of sneaker is quite popular, and many brands are following suit with their own versions.
The retro look focuses more on the 1980s to 1990s, but you can find different styles from different eras when shopping for the sneakers that you want.

Sport: While sneakers have always been associated with sports, there is a greater emphasis on running shoes that showcase an athletic style. Such styles that celebrities have been wearing include bright, powerful colors such as green, silver, merlot, and black or a combination of colors that make them truly stand out.

The sports design is not only comfortable to wear, but it can also highlight your appearance during a special event or when you are out on the town.

The Brands You Should Check Out

While there are obvious brands that feature well-known names in the sneaker industry, there are plenty of other brands that have garnered considerable attention for their style, quality, and affordable pricing. Just some of the brands you should be keeping your eye on include the following.

  • Adidas
  • Guess
  • Hoka Torrent
  • New Balance
  • Puma
  • Sketchers

  • All the brands listed have earned the respect of their customers because they set trends, have sneakers made from quality materials, and are reasonably priced. When you are looking for the latest trends in sneakers, start with the brand name you can trust.

    Understanding the latest sneaker trends starts with what is happening on the streets. To take advantage of what is new, you should purchase proven brands that are not only popular today but create high quality shoes that will last for a long time.