A Guide to Choosing the Right Wristwatch

Do wristwatches still rock?

In a world dominated by smartphones and smartwatches, where everyone's glued to their screens, I wonder if wristwatches are still relevant. I can give you the bottom line (which is 'yes'), but as a Fashion blogger, I am really glad to have the chance to share my thoughts with you and check if brands such as: Rolex, Casio, Invicta, Tissot are still in the game.

Why are wristwatches still so popular?

The reason basically is that this classic accessory is not only a timekeeping device; actually, it is considered a fashion statement that reflects your style, your vibe (or your swag if you're young enough), and maybe we can even say your personality. And yes, it is still considered the ultimate symbol of status. By the way, did you know there are individuals who purposely choose shirts designed to expose their wristwatches?Just as we carefully select our clothing and accessories to reflect our personality and mood, choosing the right watch allows us to make a statement about who we are, the options are endless, and the choice is personal, but let's check some different styles.

The Classic
What do you think of that classic timepiece with a leather strap? if you're the kind of person who prioritizes prestige and status, if you want everyone to know how successful you are, if you appreciate quality and are willing to pay (pay really high...), then congratulations, you are a Rolex persona

Classic Watches

The Trendsetter
Oversized wristwatches with metal straps make an eye-catching fashion statement. The larger size and metallic finish make them suitable for any outfit, from casual to formal. You're never too old or too young to rock this style of watch

Oversized Watches

The Minimalist
Of course, as minimalism continues to spread, minimalist designs are becoming increasingly popular. They are characterized by clean lines and simple yet sophisticated designs, making them suitable for everything from everyday wear to special events. Fashion trends do not affect their relevance, and they remain stylish for years to come

Minimalist Watches

The Nostalgia watch aficionado
With a touch of nostalgia, we must mention vintage-inspired watches. I'm certain everyone is familiar with the Casio brand; for many of us, it was our first watch. Some of us even became enamored with the version featuring a calculator. However, you might not be aware that Casio watches remain top sellers in many watch stores.
Casio Retro Watches
Casio Retro Watches

In conclusion, while advancements in technology have offered convenient alternatives for telling time, they fail to convey the statement of our identity at a quick glance. Therefore, the answer is yes; wristwatches are here to stay, quite possibly forever.